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Student Talks session Wednesday 31

Rupert Allsion: "Bayesian model selection"

Simon Foreman: "The Effective Field Theory of Large-Scale Structures"

Marjorie Schillo: "Primordial anomalies from dissipative inflation"

Florent Leclercq: "Cosmostatistics : the initial conditions and the large-scale structure of the Universe"

Faizan: "Measuring and Modeling Redshift-Space Distortions in The Group-Galaxy Cross-Correlation Function"

Student Talks session Friday 26

Fabien Nugier:  "Do structures affect the distance-redshift relation in cosmology ?"

Patrick El-Hage: Photometry in Supernova Cosmology

Dario Cannone: The Effective Field Theory of Inflation Models with Sharp Features

Gabriele Trevisan: The Physical Squeezed Limit: Consistency Relations at Order q^2

Pierre Fleury: Hubble diagram and fluid limit in cosmology

Julian Bautista: BAO in the Lyman-alpha forest from SDSS-III/BOSS survey.

Student Talks session Friday 19

Agnès Ferté : Pseudospectrum methods to estimate CMB B-modes

Francisco Javier Sanchez Lopez : Model independent BAO measurements

Maria Elidaiana : Galaxy morphology on CS82 survey

Jayanth T N : How Cold is Cold Dark Matter?

Vicente Atal : Heavy field imprint in the CMB

Changes with respect to the poster

Prof. David Spergel and Prof. Wolfgang Hillebrandt have had to cancel their participation. 

Dr. Jens Chluba (JHU) will lecture on "Cosmology wtih CMB spectral distortions"

Prof. Fritz Roepke (Würzburg) will lecture on "Type Ia Supernovae"