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The last day

posted Aug 2, 2013, 2:21 PM by Benjamin Wandelt
Hi all -

It's hard to believe, but today was the last day of the school! 

Throughout there was an amazing atmosphere and by all accounts everyone enjoyed it immensely, students, lecturers, and organizers alike. The students were amazing, engaging the lecturers, discussing amongst themselves, organizing student talks and additional program items for themselves and working hard. At the same time it was abundantly clear that this Les Houches class was a fun-loving bunch who enjoyed the mountains during the day and socializing at night.

I should also say that the staff really helped created the right atmosphere and contribute hugely to making Les Houches what it is.

And the fantastic weather certainly didn't hurt!  It really is hard to imagine the view of the mountains from the school if you haven't experienced it for yourself.

I think we were all reluctant to leave today. 

But we will never forget the time we spent together, the unique combination of stimulation, excitement, relaxation and play that is Les Houches.

All the best,